A Busy Month For Me 

April is a busy month for me, what with Camp NaNoWriMo running all month and also Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon on the 23rd and  24th. I’m all signed up for it and will be blogging here as usual. People were saying that there will be no cheerleaders on blogs this year, which is sad. I liked looking for other blogs and cheering people on in my own way. The two events I’m doing are pretty well established now worldwide and I love participating in them. I’m already off to a good start with 2,100 words for  Camp NaNoWriMo and was invited into a virtual “cabin” with people I have known  for the past few years a few weeks ago. I’m glad we were organised enough in spite of writing, critiquing and life in general to arrange a cabin early. I love feeling included in things, as it banishes the horrible feelings I had most of my life when I was shut out of what was happening. This also happened  when I was in education and doing “groupwork” which I dreaded. Here’s to a good, productive month! 

I feel lots of things today, happy as winter is finally over, excited because of the reading and writing events. Annoyed as it’s also April Fool’s Day . I have never really liked April Fool’s Day. Not that I don’t like a laugh or have no sense of humour, I  do, but I don’t like pranks. Pranks to me are akin to bullying, no matter how funny some people think they are. I have had enough bullying in my life.   So that’s why I really am not fussed about April Fool’s Day. 

What are your thoughts on April Fool’s Day? Have you ever done Camp NaNoWriMo before? When? If you are doing it this month, I wish you the best of luck! Find out more  about Camp NaNoWriMo here!  If you are wondering what my project for Camp is this month, it’s a collection of fiction short stories for women (title to be decided). 


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