Vlog review: Kiko Makeup Milano Moon Shadow #03 Attractive Plum

Today’s blog post is a fairly quick one because I made a video (which I just uploaded to my YouTube channel) to show you the product in more detail.
Here’s the link Review and Swatches: Kiko Moon Shadow #03 Attractive Plum
This is what I thought of the product. 

Great colour

 I really like the fuchsia pigments in this shade and think that they mix really well with the dark purple base colour.

It is a really good shade for blue eyes
Very expensive for what it is, but roughly within what I would consider the ” mid price” range for a product from a Kiko Makeup Milano limited edition collection. 

Only 1.5 g of product is in the tube – I really wish that it had more than that in because I used it up really quickly, and it was a very nice colour on me . I got nine or ten applications out of this tube, between actually applying it to my eyes and also using some of the product for swatches but then the product did actually break off. As I explain in my video, to solve this problem I just got a small container and put the product into the container then used and eyeshadow applicator to squash the product down into a paste texture so that it would be easy to apply all of the product and not waste any.

Verdict: 5/10


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