Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Garnier Original Remedies Shampoos (Olive and Lemon & White Clay) 

This week’s buys were shampoos that I have seen on TV lots recently and have been wanting to try. They are both by Garnier and are part of a range called Original Remedies. The range is split into subcategories based on the natural ingredient that is part of each range. I already have the honey conditioner although I have not tried it yet. I bought the lemon and white clay shampoo to give my hair a really deep cleanse. I use a lot of clay based facemasks so like it as an ingredient to draw out excess oil. I have never used it in a shampoo before so I will see what this product is like. I also bought the Olive shampoo, which is meant to be deeply nourishing. 

I have heard a lot about olive oil being used in beauty products, but when I use the shampoo, it will be the first time I have ever used a product with an olive extract. I will let you know what they are like when I use them.

The shampoos were on offer at Lidl in a 400 mL format (2,49€ each, down from 3.39€ each )  so I thought I’d buy those instead of the 200 mL which my local drugstore had  at the same price. 

I’ll  review each product as I use it.
Have a great Sunday!


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