The Glitter Notebook Turns 1

Today is a really special day, because my blog, The Glitter Notebook, is a year old
 I used to have blogs on many different subjects on Blogger which I was feeling very ambitious about. Soon however, it seemed that I was being way too ambitious and this is when I thought of combining everything I am passionate about in one blog so that everything is all under one roof. This has turned out to be a good idea, and while I have not so far managed to stick entirely to my 2016 New Year’s resolution that I would write on my blog every day, I feel that I have come pretty close so far to making that a reality. I am happy with the fact that I do work on some kind of writing project every day, even at the weekends.
Looking back through my posts today, I see that I have created the varied blog that I always wanted, with make up, book and beauty product reviews, details of the challenges that I do, as well as my thoughts and experiences as I go through life.
Lastly, I’d like to thank each and every one of my followers on this blog and say that primarily I blog for myself, but also because I know that you like my content.
 If you are reading this and you haven’t followed my blog yet, please feel free to do so.


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