Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Make up Revolution Chocolate  Palettes 

This week, I bought some lipbalms and perfume from Lidl, and today I used a one – time promotional code to get a discount for an order from the Makeup Revolution site. I got the promotional code because I downloaded the app earlier in the week.
 For months now, I have been wanting to buy the I Heart Chocolate Salted Caramel palette. If you are as mad about make up as I am, you will know that this is the dupe of the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced. Last week, I was browsing the Makeup Revolution site, and saw how gorgeous their new Chocolate Vice Palette looked, with its combination of warm colours . I immediately went on YouTube and saw some videos about the products and also some swatches, by people who had already bought this palette , as well as the Salted Caramel and Naked Chocolate palettes . Being the newest palette in the range , the Chocolate Vice Palette sold out really quickly on the MUR official website, but I kept checking in to see whether it was back in stock and saw that it was.
 Before I bought what I did online, I checked a local drugstore’s website for Makeup Revolution products. They had the Salted Caramel palette online for €9.99, but did not stock the Chocolate Vice palette. I also found that the Blushing Hearts range of blushers, bronzers and highlighters cost €6.49 on their website, whereas on the official Makeup Revolution site, they cost £4.99.  

I love to save , and the discount coupon, which gave me 20% off,  was a big help.
 I need a brush set, and quite like the Unicorns one by Makeup Revolution, but it only has three brushes in it, compared to their other brush sets. I feel that brushes are important tools for applying make-up, and so it is best to get the feel and the quality right. I also prefer brush sets with a greater number of brushes in them so that every make up application need is catered for in one package . This saves the need to buy a lot of extra brushes.
I have seen somewhere nearby that stocks the Makeup Revolution brushes, and plan to go up there soon to see (and feel ) exactly what the brushes are like before I buy them. I will let you know which ones I buy. I was very tempted to buy the Naked Chocolate palate, and really like the colours in it. I also thought that the white chocolate bar imitation packaging was really cute.
 I have so many natural shades of eyeshadow at the moment that I think that is one that can wait. I really was prioritising buying the pallettes that are dupes of Too Faced palettes because I preferred the range of colours in them and wanted to have them before they got sold out again because they are so popular at the moment . I hope to one day buy the actual Too Faced equivalents of these palettes, and when I do I will do a comparison video. The Naked Chocolate palette by Makeup Revolution is apparently not a direct dupe of any product, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think that some of the shades in there are pretty similar to those in Urban Decay’s Naked Basics palette, whivh I have. I will do a blog post comparing those once I get the Naked Chocolate palette.   

I did see that the Naked Chocolate palette is amongst the bestsellers on, a high-street stockist in the UK. Other Makeup Revolution products I like on their bestseller list for this particular brand are the Blushing Hearts Summer of Love Highlighter and also the Lip Lava in Flame. 

I have lots of highlighters from other brands and also a lot of lip glosses to get through. The lip glosses I have are left over from advent calendar at Christmas, so I need to use those. The highlighters I have are the ones from my Sephora Collection Medium Make up Bag palette. 
Although I have a lot of blushers, the other product I bought was the Blushing Hearts Blush in Sweet Peachy Kisses. I saw that the Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold is supposed to be a very good dupe of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick, so I bought that too. It was one of the products that was mentioned in an email I got from Makeup Revolution because a couple of days ago, and I have always liked the look of it. I think that it will be great for summer.  
Really looking forward to getting my new make-up ! Earlier this week, my mum ordered the Pink Fizz, Fake Fur and Chocolate palettes for me, so that by the time I get those I will have almost the whole chocolate palette collection! 


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