Anyone For Chocolate? An Overview of My New Makeup Revolution Palettes (Chocolate, Pink Fizz and Fake Fur)

Today, I got some make up through the post. It was three palettes from the I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette range by Makeup Revolution.

The I Heart Chocolate Palette is a mixture of neutral colours, pink and purple, most of which have a matte finish. There are some that are also slightly glittery and/or shimmery. The brown-copper glitter of Love Tom, or the dark pink of Love Friday look amazing in the palette. The colour combination in this palette seems to be good as a natural choice for daytime, but also has some sheets that would be good for creating a different daytime look or perhaps for use in the evening.

The I Heart Naked Underneath Fake Fur Palette comes in a case that has a mock velvet/ fur feel to it, and there is a shiny heart in the middle of this. Of the three palettes I have so far , I think this one is the one that strikes me as being the most unusual in its design. This palette has a lot of shimmery shades in plum and purple, with cream and brown as well as purple and plum colours in a matte finish. This strikes me as a very good palette for an evening look. Here, the standout shade for me is definitely Meow, which is dark purple with fucsia glitter. I blogged about a Kiko Makeup Milano shadow that had the same colours,purple combined with fuchsia glitter, and so I am interested to try this one to see how it looks.

Finally, Pink Fizz has a dominance of brown colours with a couple of pink shades. I chose this palette because it is really not often that you see a pink make-up palette, and because of the green – teal shade called Celebrate, which for me is the one that stands out the most in this palette. This seems like a good day kind palette for if you want to go for either neutral colours or if you want a pop of subtle colour.

I also got a free makeup bag. That offer, which was available on the Superdrug site and instore, is finished, but I will have photos and swatches coming soon!


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