Sunday with a sassy shopaholic: Lidl Cien Oil Care Haircare range with macadamia nut oil extract plus bonus material- The Glitter Notebook  kiko 30 days extension mascara challenge: 5 day upate 

I am really into nourishing hair products, especially those made with natural ingredients. I was looking through the latest offers at Lidl before our last food shop and saw that a haircare range called Cien Professional Oil Care was on offer. All the products are made with macadamia nut oil. I researched the benefits of this oil on Google and it is very nourishing and nutritive for the hair. Each product cost me between €1.99 and €3.29. The range has 4 products: shampoo (250ml) conditioner (200ml) hair BB cream (100ml) and hair serum. As I have literally just bought the products and not yet tried them out, all I can say is I love the packaging and also the smell of the products is a divine, buttery- vanilla smell. I can’t wait to use them, and when I do, I’ll post a review for you. I am especially looking forward to using the BB cream! 
BONUS MATERIAL: The Glitter Notebook Kiko Makeup Milano 30 Days Extension Mascara Challenge: 5 Day Update
After 5 days of using these mascaras, I feel they are good products. The daytime mascara applies well and gives a coverage that feels light and not clumpy. My lashes feel softer than they did before I started the challenge. I do not like the brush on the night booster mascara because it is made of a material that feels rough against my lashes, again, good coverage though. I will give you a challenge update every 5 days until the 30 days are up, and then give you my real, tried and tested verdict on the mascaras. I feel it is still early days yet to be able to give a proper opinion. Have a great Sunday! 


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