Comparison review: Poundland Chitchat Highlighter versus Benefit High Beam Highlighter

These highlighters look pretty similar: they are both in glass bottles, and both have nail varnish – style applicators with a white lid. The bottles they come in remind me of Nails Inc nail varnish bottles. 

Chitchat highlighter is not in a box, but Benefit High Beam is presented in a really cute pink box with black writing. That’s where the similarities end. The Chit Chat highlighter has slightly less  product in the bottle (12 mL as opposed to Benefit’s 13ml.) 

Although the colour of both of them looks pretty similar, I think that the Poundland highlighter has a slightly whiter tinge to its pale pink tone, whereas the Benfit High Beam is definitely a more pink tone.

Here  is what the products look like, the top one is Chit Chat Highlighter, the bottom is High Beam

 In terms of their brush, the Chit Chat Highlighter has soft bristles, but I find that the plastic which holds the lid of the product onto the brush is slightly angled where it goes into the brush, so this is uncomfortable as it digs into my skin when I try to apply the product when holding the brush straight. A trick I use is is to apply this product with the brush held slightly angled away from my face. This solves the problem.
The Benefit High Beam ‘s brush is also soft, and the brush does not dig into my skin. In terms of formula, the Poundland highlighter has a slightly more liquid feel to it than the Benefit one does. True, they are both liquid highlighters but the consistency of the Benefit one feels better. In terms of coverage, I personally find that the ChitChat highlighter does leave my skin quite shiny when I apply on its own. Here, I use another trick which is to apply a layer of highlighter, and then I use some anti-shine paper to absorb excess oil. Benefit does not leave my skin nearly as shiny, and I do not need to use the anti-shine paper afterwards

Conclusion: I felt that both highlighters were worth trying, and the Poundland one is great if you are on a really tight budget, but Benefit High Beam has it all – presentation, good consistency and is more wearable. As always, this does come with a pricetag, and that is €28 as opposed to a pound for the Poundland highlighter.
Verdict: Poundland 7/10

Verdict: Benefit 10 out of 10


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