Sunday with a sassy shopaholic: Makeup Revolution, Wet “n” Wild & More! 

This week, I got my Makeup Revolution Salted Caramel and Chocolate Vice palettes through the post at last!:) As with all of the palettes from the chocolate range , each comes in its own box with a sponge applicator and a full-length mirror. I wanted to buy products from different brands, and so when I went to my local drugstore on Thursday I bought my first products by the Korean brand Tony Moly. I had seen the peach lip balm on the Sephora website, but was surprised to see it at my local pharmacy because it wasn’t listed as a product on their website (despite the fact that they stock many products from the range.) I also bought a lip scrub by the same brand. 
 During my “new band” search on the Internet, I found that the drugstore stocked Wet “n” Wild products. I had vaguely heard of this but didn’t know where to buy it. I really wanted to buy the lipliner in Brandy Wine, but when I got to the store they had every shade but that one. I did buy the lip gloss and the protective base coat nail varnish. 
 I had a look through the make up Revolution selection and found two other palettes that I had been looking for: the Iconic 1 palette and the Mermaids versus Unicorns palate.
A while ago, I mentioned on my blog that I needed some new make-up brushes. I liked the look of the Pro Glow Brush Set on the website and so bought that as well. I found my usual moisturisers for €3.99 which is a real bargain compared to other places, and I finally found a Sanex deodorant that I had been wanting to try.
I had been searching for the perfect summer shoes a long time and finally found some in Primark. I bought them in three colours – tan , cream and a reddy orange colour.
 So far, I had not got round to buying a Beauty Blender sponge, and was really surprised to find them in Primark for just €1.50 each! I bought some ergonomic ones and a teardrop shaped one. I found some exfoliating sponges and a very cute set with round sponges with a little case (reduced to €1).  


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