Sunday with a sassy shopaholic: Cien Makeup is back! (aka new Cien products) 

I was excited when Thursday came around, as I knew Lidl Cien Makeup would be in my nearest Lidl again. This is about the third time, and the second time I bought something. I was especially looking for the lipsticks and read up about popular shades and swatches on other blogs beforehand. 
I decided I wanted a pale pink lip pencil and also a lipstick. I ended up coming back with two jumbo lip pencils in shade 03 Love Letter, two Lipsticks in 40 Frappuccino and 41 Bordeaux Love a kohl pencil in Brown and a lipgloss in 30 Nude Lips. 6 products for €11.94 is not bad. I also discovered a Nyx store, but I hope to go there another day. I discovered Nyx products a few weeks ago and need to check out their range in more detail to see which products I am going to buy. I have heard great things about Nyx makeup!  


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