The Glitter Notebook Kiko Makeup Milano 30 Days Extension Mascara  and night booster Day 25 Update Plus Reading List Update 

It is day 25 of my Kiko Mascara challenge and I am still really liking the daytime mascara except for one thing – the formula is very easily smudged, and, as it is not waterproof it does not stay put as well as a waterproof mascara would . You do only lose a tiny bit of product because of this but it is a bit annoying. Otherwise, I have more or less the same opinion about the daytime mascara and the nighttime booster as I have always had during this challenge. My last update will be in five days time on the ninth of June. I hope you are having a great weekend!
As for my book progress, my ARCs are interesting, and I am busy drafting the reviews because I have to post them online by 15 June. This week, I was also sorting through my emails and saving any book titles to my to be read lists I felt that interested me.


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