The End of my Glitter Notebook Kiko 30 Days Extension & Night Booster Challenge: Do They Work? 

Today is a special post because it is the end of my latest make-up product challenge, The Glitter Notebook 30 days Extension Day Mascara and 30 Days Extension Night Booster Mascara Challenge. Both products are from Kiko Milano. After having used the products for 30 days and 30 nights, I want to tell you my conclusions about them.
First up is the day mascara, which comes in a box like with all the Kiko products, and is a black mascara in a gorgeous gold tube. The brush is enough to give volume, but is thinner than some other volumising brands that I use often like Maybelline Volum Lash or Sephora Collection 7 in 1 Mascara. The product applies well, and the texture is a little thinner than I thought it would be. The downside to this product is the fact that the mascara is not waterproof, and so it runs easily in warm weather and it is also easily smudged .
The Night Booster is also in nice packaging, and is a clear mascara with a texture much like many other clear mascaras on the market. I also thought that the texture is similar to a serum . It reminded me of the eyelash serum by L’Oreal Paris that I bought and used years ago. What I didn’t like about this was the brush quality – it felt scratchy against my lashes (my eyes are really sensitive. )
Because I use both of the products together, I don’t know how much of an effect each of them had on their own, but here is a quick rundown of what I thought from day one of use. I decided to leave updates on my blog every five days.
Day1 – I started using these as soon as they arrived, and was excited about using them.
Day 5 – beginning to notice that my lashes are feeling softer and are breaking less, so seem stronger.
By Day 6, this was becoming even more apparent. 
From then on, they kept growing and growing. All the posts are on my blog. I am having problems posting the links but will do soon. 

Before – my lashes had some natural volume, not much

After – lashes are much stronger, longer thicker and softer as well as more nourished. 

These are definitely worth a try because they give amazing length and separation to lashes, and the overall packaging and presentation is very good. Shame about the ease with which the day mascara smudges, and the quality of the night booster mascara brush. It would be great if the formula of the day mascara could be made waterproof to prevent smudging and increase staying power. 
Verdict: day mascara- 8/10

Verdict: night booster mascara – 7/10 (because of the brush quality). 


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