Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: A New Outfit For Exercising In

Exercise is a part of life for everyone, and also part of Cerebral Palsy (CP) treatment. A long time ago now, I bought 2 pairs of grey yoga capri pants with silver glitter, which I love. Since I bought them, I have worn them a lot, not just for exercise, but around the house too. They were from Lidl’s Crivit range, and are so comfortable. 
This week, I saw that there were more workout clothes by the same brand on offer. If you have ever shopped at Lidl, you will know that workout clothes are something they have a good range of, and also frequently have on offer. I never thought of going to Lidl (or any supermarket) years ago for this kind of clothing because I did not know what the quality would be like. So far, I am pleasantly surprised. The T-shirt I bought is made of a very lightweight and soft material which is synthetic mixed with cotton and feels great to the touch. It is very stretchy. The sports bra has a medium amount of stretch and gives medium level support. I feel this is good enough for me although the exercise I do is supported range-of-movement stretches. 
The promotion I bought my most recent clothes on was a summer collection called “See You In Miami.” The range has sports bras, tops shorts and leggings for women and tops and shorts for men. There is some swimwear for both men and women. I was coveting a short pink beach sarong which I think will look great with my black and white halter-neck swimming costume (bought for £18 at Sainsbury’s about 4 years ago), 

I automatically loved the black palm tree silhouette printed onto a hot pink background, and so HAD to have the Lidl T-shirt and sports bra. Luckily, both fit great and look amazing.
 When I look for workout clothes, “plain” is not for me. I love glitz, glamour and sparkle, and so try to incorporate those into my clothing wherever I can. Looking great in my workout clothes is what I love to achieve, and is also proving to be a good incentive in my recent plan to lose weight and maintain a healthier weight. 
The See You In Miami collection also has some general t-shirts and summer clothes on sale from tomorrow, some of which I like the look of. I may have a look at them if tomorrow is not too busy, although I am planning to go to other shops too for general summer clothes. 
Have a great Sunday! 


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