Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Etude House, Freedom Makeup London I Heart Makeup and Kiko online spree

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! Before I say anything else, I want to wish my mum a very happy birthday. 

This week was a busy week for online shopping. I ordered a product that I have wanted for months, the Sweet Cupcake Eyes Eyeshadow by Corean Brand Etude House.

 I also decided to finally buy some I Heart Makeup Lip Lavas after mulling it over for ages as to which colour to choose and then seeing some amazing reviews of those on YouTube. I bought Shockwave

 and Forgiven.

 I also bought the Bare Lipstick Collection by Freedom Makeup London. 

I wanted the Far Away Galaxy lipstick set and the Pink one too, but they are sold out online. Freedom Makeup London is not available in my local drugstore which is annoying, seeing as I Heart Makeup and Makeup Revolution are, and they are all under the TAM Beauty label. I will just have to look somewhere else, or order them on the TAM Beauty site, that will be another time though (not too long I hope) – I have spent quite a lot on makeup/ toiletries this week. My drugstore sometimes takes awhile to email to say that items are back in stock in the online store. In the case of Makeup Revolution, I have often gone to the physical store and found products there that were sold out online, or just ordered from the Makeup Revolution official site way before the drugstore emailed to say the item was in stock again. In some cases I am still waiting for the emails… I’m still waiting for my TAM Beauty order, brushes, a limited edition eyeshadow palette and a Freedom Makeup highlighter palette. 

Yesterday , I looked on the Kiko Milano website and saw that there was an offer for six products for the price of three! I haven’t been checking my emails recently because I have been so busy but I am really glad to have got this offer in time. It is only on until midnight tonight and includes all the products on the website.
Earlier this year, I bought the empty eyeshadow palette with separate eyeshadows, and really like how the shadows look on, either wet or dry. The only downside of the palette is that the sponges on the applicator did not last me long at all. I was able to replace the applicator with a spare I already had. The eyeshadows themselves are really good quality and apply and blend well. When I saw this offer, I couldn’t resist stocking up on 4 more. 

The shades of this product that I bought are: 64 Pearly Dark Wisteria, 81 Matte Antique Brass 82 Satin Iridescent Grey and 91 Metallic Deep Gold. 
 I also bought a product that I was waiting for for awhile because every time I looked on the website recently it was sold out, and that is Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in 05 Pearly Silver Rose.

 I really like the new Neo Noir collection and needed a makeup bag, so I decided to treat myself to the Neo Noir Pochette.

 I loved the colour of the Chrome Intense Nail Lacquer in 01 Classic Rosy Taupe,and so bought that.

 Neo Noir is a Limited Edition Collection, so if you do buy it just be aware of that, although, from my experience, “limited edition” Kiko collections tend to stick around instore and online for at least a few months. The bag seemed very classic and chic to me, with its vintage look leather. 

 Finally, I bought the Kiko Nail Lacquer in shade 226, Rouge Noir. 

I find a shade like this is perfect for the cooler months of the year or some added night time glam.       

Appologies for the small pictures, click on them and they should come up bigger. As always, I will do a more indepth review when the products arrive. Enjoy your Sunday! 


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