Drugstore Order Arrived! Plus New Lidl Makeup 

Today was a good day, I got my recent online drugstore order delivered, and I love everything I ordered (I blogged about this order yesterday.) I got a free gift, which was the 4D Nails in Idol by Accessorize, but the set is incomplete. This is what it’s meant to look like. I only recieved the nail sparkles, not the nail varnish (not the whole set.) I’m waiting for the drugstore to get back to me about that. 


 Makeup was back in Lidl again, so I bought some of that. I checked online to see what products were out there and to see the colour range. When I got to the shop, it was later than I planned (same as last time they had makeup on offer). I did manage to find the eyeshadow pencils I wanted in 01 Snowflake and 03 Bronze Shimmer. I don’t wear white shadow that much, and occasionally as a base shade but I wanted to try this. They had one in 02 Frosted Pink, plus a blue one. I like pale pink but  have so much of that colour in various palettes that I wanted different colours. I love gold/ bronze colours, so bought 2 of the Bronze Shimmer and 1 of Snowflake to try out.

There were two lipsticks, a red one and shade # 27, Natural Kiss. I’m currently trying to find the perfect shade of red for me, so bought Natural Kiss as I love natural colours. 


Last but not least, I bought two Lip Butters, 01 and 03 


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