Review: New Kiko Makeup 

Hi everyone! today I got my new make-up delivered . Because I was waiting for a couple of orders, I wasn’t sure which one it would be , and so was pleasantly surprised when It was the Kiko make up Milano eyeshadows that I I recently ordered plus the make up bag and nail varnishes . I really like the colours and I’m glad that I have managed to get something from the autumn/winter collection this early on, because that saves me trying to get it later when the collection is probably going to be a bit more well known, and may be sold out. 

Here are some product swatches & photos. 

1 Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow 05 Silver Rose (swatched on my wrist). The shadow is very creamy, light textured and shiny. 

2. High Pigment Eyeshadow 91, 64 81 and 82. Of these, 64 (Pearly dark wisteria) looks the most pigmented dry, and is slightly glittery. All the rest are more matte . I am pleased with the gold shade of number 91, and 81 & 82 are very natural. I also wanted to show you the size of the Cream Crush shadow in its box. This comes in a glass pot with a plastic black lid with the KIKO logo  on it in white. The high pigment shadows come in separate boxes with a window in so you can see the colour. Each of these have the standard magnetic closure as on all the 3 shadow custom palette compatible high pigment shadows. 

3. Left- Right: High Pigment Eyeshadow  81,  82 91 & 64. 

4. Nail varnish # 226 (Kiko’s standard colours) & 01 from the Neo Noir Collection (Autumn/ Winter 2016). 

5. 01 swatched . Very classic and versatile. I will wear this year round! 

6. 226 swatched. Both colours have a good coverage and are  comfortable to wear. I did not find that shade 226 stained my nails like other dark colours. Both were easily removed with nail varnish remover. 

I hope you have a great Friday and even better weekend! I  will review the Neo Noir bag in another post. 


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