Review: T Zone Clear Pore Antibacterial Cleanser 200ml

I was in the drugstore about a month ago and was looking for a cleanser that would help keep my (thankfully now very infrequent  and mild) spot breakouts at bay, yet be gentle and not drying on my skin. During my teenage years, I had what I saw as a very bad case of acne, mostly on my  T zone area  but sometimes on my cheeks. I bought so  many  drugstore brands of products: OXY, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Witch, and Boots and Superdrug own brand acne skincare, but found that I had not much success. In the case of OXY, I liked the convenience of the cleansing pads, but the lotion they were impregnated with was too strong for my skin, even in the sensitive format. Clean & Clear was about the same, although a tiny bit less intense regarding skin irritation and strong ingredients. They just felt really harsh. Neutrogena facial washes had a sticky feeling to me,  and were hard to wash off. Every facial scrub was very grainy in all these brands apart from Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Scrub, which was effective and did not dry my skin. Unfortunately, it was discontinued 2 years ago. I had some success with both the Clean and Clear and Neutrogena acne treatment gels, but the alcohol still stung my skin. Witch Hazel to me seemed natural, but watery and too weak for my breakouts. Fortunarely, it was with my last attempt trip to my GP, and the solution he gave me, that my spots vanished. What I was prescribed was a strong spot treatment in the form of a roll on, like a deodoarant. I was amazed and happier once that did the trick. 

Now, back to the T Zone Antibacterial Cleanser. Having  not used this product range since the mid 90s, I wasn’t sure it was around anymore. I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I found it in the “cheaper” section of my drugstore. They stocked a moisturiser and an antibacterial cleanser. I bought the cleanser. The product smells very natural and not overpowering and is a fraction of the price at around 2€,  of The Body Shop Tea Tree range (another range I tried years ago). It comes  in a clear plastic bottle with the T Zone logo, and is effective, gentle and also refreshing on my skin. I felt no skin reactions and a little on a cotton wool pad goes a long way with this 200ml bottle. 

I’m so glad I found it after all these years, and will always have a bottle handy from now on! 

Verdict: 10/10


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