Cheap and Chic Review: Lidl Cien Sport & Sun Lipbalm

I don’t know about you, but I always wear lipbalms underneath my lipsticks. For years now, I have been buying Lidl’s lip balms. They come in many different varieties: Classic, Milk & Honey Pearl Effect and Sport & Sun. I have bought every one except the Milk & Honey one which does not interest  me much. Although I know these 2 ingredients can be nourishing, I have never liked the smell of them when combined. I think some of the lipbalms (Classic and Pearl Effect) are great dupes for their slightly more expensive Nivea rivals, but the texture is the same, as is the format. I cannot find a particular dupe for the Sport & Sun variety though. 

The great thing about Cien lipbalms (all varieties) is that hey come in packs of 3, and for just 1.99, that is a real bargain. 

Sport & Sun is quite white and transparent when applied as a sample on my hand, and, for me it looks quite a glaring obvious white still when on my lips. For this reason, I only use a very small amount, and always cover it with lipstick as that way it is less obvious. 

There is no indication of the level of sun protection in it on the product barrel, unlike more well- known brands of suncare products like Boots Soltan, for example which clearly states on the product barrel,   and the packaging that it has SPF 25. 

The packaging for Sport and Sun is very simple, just thin cardboard and a bit of plastic covering the front of the pack so you can see the lipbalms. It does state “UV Protection”  though and apparently  has SPF 20. 

Although this lipbalm is not my first choice SPF one, it is good enough for a budget buy, and does protect my lips from the sun because they have never got burnt when I was using it, although to what extent they are protected and how effectively, remains to be seen given the low price of the product. 

Would I buy this again? No as the obvious white colour puts me off. The smell  is quite pleasant though, and reminds me of summer.  

Verdict: 5/10


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