Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: new bag! Massive Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup London online Haul! 

This week, I got a cute bag from my mum.

I also got my first ever order from the TAM Beauty website. For those of you who don’t know, this is the new home of Makeup Revolution, Freedom Makeup London and I Heart Makeup as well as a few other brands I have not tried yet. 

 I bought Freedom Animal Print  Highlighter in Meow, which is the lightest shade in the range. 

the Iconic Collection palette 

which is a limited edition 144-shade eyeshadow set. 

The Amazing Eyeshadow Set in Celestial, which has 5 shades: 

 Pink Diamonds Mini Brush Set 

and the 9 Piece Brush Set. 

As I wrote on this blog before, I have had a long search for a good quality, affordable brush set. I already have the Mini Pro Go Set from Makeup Revolution, but wanted a full size set by them . Luckily, a while ago, their 9 Piece Brush Set was on sale in the offers section of the website for £10, half the price it is usually (£20). In fact, all of the items that I ordered except the highlighter were on sale. The Pink Diamonds brush set was £2.50 reduced from £5, as was the Amazing Eyeshadow Set. The Iconic Collection Palette was also £10. All in all, I saved £30 on the original price that I would have paid had the sale not been on – what a bargain! I am so glad I ordered them because the eyeshadow palette, eyeshadow set and Pink Diamond Brush set were not stocked in my local drustore, and the 9- piece brush set was much more expensive there than on the TAM Beauty website. The Freedom highlighters were sold out in every single shade, and I am still waiting for an email from the drugstore to say that they are back in stock. I had the Iconic Collection Set and the 9 Piece Brush Set on my Christmas and birthday list, but when I saw that they were half price online I thought I’d treat myself to them. Nothing like a ( very early) Christmas and birthday present, seeing that my birthday is in December. 

First impressions are that I like the products. The brushes are really soft just like the Pro Go ones, and there is an amazing selection of colours in the large palette. There was a lot of  cardboard packaging and cellophane  wrapping and the parcel was huge overall. I am glad I was able to take advantage of the offers. I’ll blog about the products and swatch then when I have a chance to try them properly. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

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