Last Few Hours of the Readathon October 2016

12:16: Been up since 9:20 am after a good sleep. I am always tempted to try and do the full 24 hours, but in the 4 years I have been taking part in the Readathon, I have not been able to do it as sleep is too crucial for me. 

A difference for me this October compared to April was in where I read.In April I sprnt most of the Readathon  on my bed with less time in my wheelchair. This time however, thanks to my new wheelchair I am really comfortable listening to my audiobooks there thanks to 4 electric funcions- tilt, recline electric leg rest and elevation. They make relaxing with an ebook or audiobook even more pleasurable, but I am also alternating with time on my bed. Right now, I am in bed under the covers as it is yet another cold wet day. 
Today is a special day for me and Alfredo- 10 years 8 months together, so we have some leftover Chinese food for lunch. 

Not pleased with the short story I just read- Bewitching the Werewolf. Just reviewed it on Goodreads. 

12:27: Getting started with another short story A Witch By Chance. Hoping to saueeze something else in before 2pm. 

13:43: Finished A Witch by Chance (will review) and also finished The Apartment: A Ghost Story, which is another one by Anthony M Strong. 

All in all, 7 books read, and by reading short stories as well as longer novels, I had time for other things too. And I am starting another ARC. 

My Goodreads Reading Challenge has now gone up to 58 of 100 books read, so that’s good. 

What a weekend! Cannot wait til next year’s Readathons! Thanks to those of you who cheered me on 🙂 


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