Cheap & Chic Review: Derma V10 Body Butters

Back in the summer of 2016, I needed some more body butters. I usually buy well-known brands like Dove or Le Petit Marsellais, but this time I saw a range by Derma V10 and was drawn to their prices and pictures of natural ingredients on the packaging.
 I have always loved anything coconut scented and automatically wanted to buy the “Fusion” Coconut and Sweet Lime body butter. There was only a small selection of products from the brand, but I managed to find a vanilla-scented one as well while I was looking around for ones I thought I might like. I thought they were good value at €1.50 each. As it happened, I was in luck and happily took the products to the till along with others I decided to buy.


The first one I tried was the coconut and sweet lime one. 

The body butters come in white 250 mL pots , and inside there is a plastic protector that goes between the lid and the actual product itself so that the product does not stain the lid . I thought this was quite a good idea and was really looking forward to using the body butter.
 On the first application, the product seems quite rich and creamy. It was a little bit hard to spread because it tended to stay in one place but once fully absorbed I could feel that my skin was moisturised. What put me off about the coconut and sweet lime body butter was the part that if it did smell of coconut and sweet lime , I could not actually smell it. The scent is more like a greasy smell. Not one to waste my money, I used the product up but will never buy it again in this particular scent.
 Fortunately, yesterday I started using the vanilla one by the same brand and so far there is a great difference between the two. 

The product’s presentation and amount that you get are the same, but what is different about the vanilla one is that the fragrance is automatically more noticeable, and is a subtle but not overpowering creamy-smelling vanilla that reminds me of vanilla ice cream. This is quite pleasant and I was amazed to find that the smell lasted for hours afterwards whereas the Coconut and Sweet Lime body butter’s scent was so barely-there to start with it was as if I did not have a body moisturiser on at all. Both did quite a good job of moisturising my skin for a very budget brand, though. 
I actually look forward to using the vanilla one but I could not wait to finish the Coconut and Sweet Lime one- totally unusual for a coconut addict like me! I am glad I saved the “best til last” like I always tend to do. 
My verdict for these body butters is that the brand is good value for money, but only if you are lucky enough to find one with a scent that stands out above the rest. This, I find, makes even the cheapest of products feel more nourishing and luxurious. The texture is a plus for both, as they are quite thick. 
Coconut and Sweet Lime Body Butter verdict: 2/10

Vanilla Body Butter verdict: 5/10
If these do not take your fancy but Vanilla and Cherry does, there is one in that scent, too. I do not like cherry as a scent overall, so I will not be buying that one. Others are Chocolate, Coconut (on its own) or Cocoa which I may try one day. 


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