Review: Poundland Pure sensitive cleansing wipes

The wipes come in a pack of 25 , but the pack I have has 30 for the price of 25. The wipes have aloe vera and vitamin E, so are very soothing to the skin. They remove all types of makeup and I did not have trouble removing even waterproof mascara with them. They did not leave my face feeling sticky, like some wipes do. I got them in my Christmas stocking in 2016. The wipes are sold at Poundland and at the time of this blogpost are in a 2 for £1 offer. The pack featured on the Poundland site had 30 wipes for the price of 25. The wipes surprised me overall with their ability to remove makeup and soothe and refresh my skin. I have used over half the pack and they still feel moist. The only problem was that the glue on the packaging was not strong enough to last until I finished the pack, so the opening on the pack did not stay closed. Despite this, I liked them and feel they are good value for money.  They are really soft and are perfume and paraben free. 

Verdict : 9/10


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