Review: Garnier Sleeping Cream

I read a lot about this cream and decided to treat myself to it for my last birthday back in December. I buy Garnier moisturisers a lot because I like how they smell and also their textures. Garnier Sleeping Cream creates a mask-like effect on the skin as it is absorbed during the night and has 7 benefits. The benefits are not listed on the packaging.
 It is really relaxing as it has lavender extract. The pot has 50 ml of product, which lasted me a month and a half. The packaging is really nice looking, with both the box and the pot being a navy blue colour with a shiny metallic effect. With this cream, I only had to use a small amount every night because the cream’s consistency is medium-thickness. It is a pale pink colour and the lavender fragrance is mild but quite nice.
This was the first anti ageing cream I have ever bought, amd also the first nightcream. The texture was the tiniest bit oily but the cream never clogged my pores. 

It absorbed quickly into my skin and my skin felt very well hydrated, very soft and very rested and relaxed in the morning. 

I am so glad I tried it and will definitely buy it again!
Verdict: 9 1/2 out of 10


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