Sunday with a Sassy Shopaholic: Kiko Primark and Lidl Haul

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a great Sunday. This Wednesday, I bought some summer clothes from Primark- 3 pairs of shorts and some trousers.
I’ll upload photos of the rest of the clothes very soon. I also bought s cute pair of summer pyjamas. You can see some photos of what I bought in the gallery for this blog post.
Outfits aren’t complete in my opinion without gorgeous accessories, so I bought these earrings. As we were going towards the changing rooms, I spied a watermelon keyring I couldn’t resist these earrings, either! 

The pearl earrings cost 3.50€ and the black hoops cost 4€. There are burgundy hoops in the same style as these black ones on the website, but I couldn’t find them in the shop. Maybe next time….

I adore eating watermelon in the summer. I’m a fake fur addict too, so the keyringt seemed perfect! 


We thought it was a little expensive for 5€, but my motto is “if you see something you love, get it as you never know when you’ll see it again.” 

I find this especially true of shops like Primark, who are increasingly popular nowadays for their fashion-forward buys at great prices.

Found these cute detangling brushes in Lidl and  bought some new  makeup blending brushes (all €1.99).

I’ve had my eyes on the new range of Smart Lip Palettes by Kiko. They had one that had red tones, one with pink and this one, with a mix of current trendy tones. The palette is called Glam Rock and costs 12.45€. It’s on offer for 9€ (I saw the offer online just days after I went to the shop). All the Kiko palettes are currently on offer.


Looking forward to using it. I’ll review it for you on this blog soon, as well as all the other things I bought this week.

Kiko mascaras have been in my makeup bag for at least the last year off and on. I decided to buy another tube of the building base (second photo) which gives volume, as I love it so much. I also bought a mascara which I haven’t tried, the Luxurious Lashes one in the waterproof formula. Each were 3,95€.

I image


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