Roho Quadtro Select Mid Profile Cushion Trial and Bodypoint Accessories Viewing

Today, I was assessed by a wheelchair technician I know in my quest to try and get the cushion, belt and harness I need for my current powerchair.
 I was able to try the cushion, a Roho Quadtro Select, and see the 4-point pelvic belt and chest harness which are both from Bodypoint.

 I was disappointed that I could not try the Roho Agility backrest because it was not in the size my wheelchair is (it was too narrow). I have been considering buying a new backrest as well, but am thinking that I will just stay with my current one unless I can try or find a different one

The cushion I tried was the mid -height one as it was the demo one. (8 cm high). I need a high-profile one which will be 10 cm high.

When I was sitting on the cushion, it felt different  to the foam and gel one I have, and I felt more comfortable with the Roho cushion as the air cells moved with my body, and I felt sat “in” as in more enveloped by the cushion   rather than “on” it as I am  on my current Jay 3 cushion.

I knew the Roho Mid Profile cushion height was too low for me as it caused a sharp pain in my lumbar muscles. I don’t usually have pain there unless I don’t cool down properly after my range-of-motion  stretches. 

It felt good to try this cushion but I need the extra height so that I have more pressure relief and comfort.

The Bodypoint accessories look strong, and I know that is what they are made to be because I have done a lot of research before choosing them to trial.


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