Sunday  with a Sassy Shopaholic: Lidl Cien Antiageing Suncream 

Not much to report for today’s post , I just bought Cien Sun Anti Aging Cream (SPF 25) 2.49€ for a 75ml tube.

  I bought two tubes because I always use facial suncream, and I find it difficult to find compared to the suncream that I use on my body.
 I usually buy SPF 30 facial suncream from Boots Soltan range, but I thought that this might be a nice product to try. I thought that that SPF 25 would be enough protection because I also have a whole tube of Cien BB Cream to get through, and that has SPF 10, so if I use both products I should be well protected.
 The product seems to be a new product in the range in my local Lidl store, as they did not have it last year. I am really looking forward to trying it out. I haven’t been disappointed in Lidl ‘s suncare range so far.

 I would have more to report in this post but this week I was not able to buy the accessories that I need for my new wheelchair as thought (see  last Tuesday’s and this Friday’s posts).

Have a great Sunday!


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