Anne Möller ADN40 Belage Regenerative Face Cream SPF 15

Anne Möller  ADN40 Belage Regenerative Face Cream is a light-textured cream which absorbs a little slowly for my liking. This  despite the fact that the sample I was given  is appropriate for dry skin. I got this when I made a purchase at Sephora, so I thought I’d use it, especially now that my skin feels dry from sun and air conditioning. 

I have never tried any other creams from this brand, and on my skin it does look slightly oily but that’s nothing some oil – balancing sheets won’t fix.

The cream is an anti-ageing cream with the added bonus of SPF 15.  it costs and comes in a 50 mL pot.

Regenerative cream SPF15 with multifunctional anti-aging action. Helps act against cell aging and stimulates rejuvenation thanks to its regenerative technology. Its effective REVERSE CELL COMPLEX acts on skin cells to protect our genetic capital from the visible effects of aging: sagging, wrinkles… A powerful stimulator of youthful skin that doubles the production of proteins in cells, generating even more proteins than young skin. Helps to preserve the regenerative capacity of the stem cells responsible for youthful-looking skin.

The cream has an RRP of 41€. 
I’d rate it 5/10, but it may perform better on not such a hot day.

Find out moreAnne Möller official website (English)


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